Roger Frederer French Open 2021

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Zelda is beside herself , glued to Channel 9 s coverage of "Rolling Garries " and cheering on RF , the amazing thing is she's dug up one of Boris's kerosene tins from their back yard and placed a large bet , and i'm talking large....  @ 100/1 on the fair.😮

does she know he has to beat off  Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal to win it ??? ( if they dont get knocked out first )

and RF well, hes been on a downward spiral since 2008, surely she's sillier than Justis Huni.😟

maybe not, after all RF is currently equal on the most all time grand slam wins.






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look at the odds 😮

dropping like flies, n0?    i heard those words echo in the staff canteen.

the big Z could trade out for a handy profit or ride with Frederer all the way.

Z knows value !

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im lumping on frederer too:o

he has destroyed Chillitch and is on a role

nadal has a horror draw and we know djokovic isnt able to beat off Roger

this is the biggest overs since Rough Habit (nz) in the PJ Oshea i reckon

im with Z



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