G Simon an apology please.

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Recently you showed Lethal Innes playing some golf in between races at Auckland and made him look below average at golf which i found unnecessary.

The reason i say that as i regularly play with him and i have always found him a good source of income, usually around a couple of hundred a game.I go on the pension next week and are looking for extra income, which is readily available when i play him, but after taking the piss out of him he has put his clubs into hibernation and the income has disappeared,sadly

I always give Lethal some hope until the 17th or 18th hole and them smash him, so after several years of careful ego massaging his game and telling him how good he is,it has now turned to s##t because of your pisstake.:rcf-tongue:

So George, can you please show some positive feedback on his golf game, so i can get back on the money quickly.

A txt message has just come through from Lethal asking for a game, so forget finding some positive footage, which would be impossible to find anyway, so LET"S BRING IT ON, and let the cash roll back in:rcf-laughing-1:

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2 minutes ago, Midget said:

NO but i am like you now and can give a commentary on my backswing and follow-through

Remarkable, given that you haven’t got a back swing or a follow through.....it’s more of a flail ....a sort of a “ blind man stands on a stingray “ movement 

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