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Bigtime Willow's trial

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On Bigtime Willow's profile page on GRNZ, her trial from the 15th of February is listed twice. The first time, the winners time is given as 17.72, the second time as 17.42.

The winner of the trial was Bigtime Wendle, on her page it's listed as 17.42.

The runner up was Blazin' Carter, on his page it's listed twice, the first time as 17.45 and the second with no time given.


If it was really 17.42 or so, Willow would've run around 17.75 and should be $1.50 favourite for the c1 today (as she is). If it was 17.72, she hasn't broken 18 and shouldn't be fave. I guess the fact that the market has her $1.50 means that 17.42 is the correct time, but I shouldn't really NEED to guess.


I might just take the 3&4 quinella instead. Depending on the trial time, Willow either blows past Light Cruiser or struggles to get past her.

Screenshot from 2019-04-17 10-37-06.png

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