Is the studbook a mess?

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I am wondering if anyone else is noticing huge holes in the studbook? I needed some information on a dam of a filly I need to sort out for TiES.


According to the studbook she has had 2 foals, but according to records elsewhere she has had 5 foals. The same goes for the microchip, thats also got a number transposed on the records compared to the one in her neck.

I dont usually have this much problem with thoroughbreds but I have seen first hand how messy other codes are (I cant elaborate further than this unfortunately). Does anyone else have similar problems cropping up from time to time?

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Did she have foals in NZ and AUS? Often the NZ studbook just says this mare was at stud in Australia and you can check breeding record on  - they just manage those bred here in NZ - I've not had a problem.

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