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  1. Jo_Neilson


    I am currently on the sidelines as an extended victim, this is what we are learning. Deferred has many meanings. Gathering evidence and most of all giving the person charged every opportunity to plead guilty. It turns out that a not guilty plea means hundreds of hours of negotiation between the prosecutor, the defence barrister and the person charged. A deferment gives the person charged this opportunity, no matter the cost to victims.
  2. Jo_Neilson


    It is possible if you are using a browser such as Opera which has a VPN built in (btw you can use this to watch netflix europe, asia and america). Turn off the VPN and it will pick up the IP address of where you are. That is if you are in a country where the TAB has a reciprocal agreement.
  3. Jo_Neilson

    Sheik Mohammed in a bit of bother

    Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum pours millions into the NZ horse industry at every level, I do suspect without these funding purchasing sport and race horses as well as commercial interests NZ horse sports would have ground to a halt a long time ago. While there isnt the same amount of money being spent as there once was, there are regular buying trips by agents and a team of vets. They will pay top dollar for the right horse. Many NZ trainers and breeders of all horse breeds have benefited at some point. While I am not defending him, I am aware comments made can hurt us financially as they have in the past.
  4. Jo_Neilson

    Is the studbook a mess?

    I am wondering if anyone else is noticing huge holes in the studbook? I needed some information on a dam of a filly I need to sort out for TiES. According to the studbook she has had 2 foals, but according to records elsewhere she has had 5 foals. The same goes for the microchip, thats also got a number transposed on the records compared to the one in her neck. I dont usually have this much problem with thoroughbreds but I have seen first hand how messy other codes are (I cant elaborate further than this unfortunately). Does anyone else have similar problems cropping up from time to time?
  5. Jo_Neilson

    Breeding Industry - Sales

    Was I there? No. Is it anecdotal? Yes. Is the source firsthand? Yes Is there proof? Of course not.
  6. Jo_Neilson

    Breeding Industry - Sales

    I heard one of the colts which sold for good money at the premiers, was offered for by the agent prior to auction, the owners declined. The agent offered 35% of what the colt sold for at auction. It makes you wonder huh.
  7. Jo_Neilson

    Breeding Industry - Sales

    I have a couple of average broodmares, I am thinking about sending them both to a good warmblood stallion. A. the stud fee is $1500 B. The going rate for a weanling from this stallion is $17 000. c. Both Mares throw good confirmation.
  8. Jo_Neilson

    Tauherenikau Waitangi Day

    I think I should clarify this a little more, the members stand is off to the left a bit. Between the finish line and the members stand is the public stand. Hey that happens. Not smart, but it happens. In front of the birdcage is an old owners stand. The facilities available to members today were 2 totes ( lovely ladies in the bank btw) a bar with 4 beer bottles and a bottle of tonic. The members lounge was very unattractive and the staff there were bored. There was no food or any attraction for it to be used other than you could hear the commentator. Granted its been a long time since I have bothered to step foot in the members lounge in any course but this has to be the worst one ever. Even the old Thames course beats this hands down. For a listed meeting a little effort would go a long way in attracting new members.
  9. Jo_Neilson

    Tauherenikau Waitangi Day

    While its a great family day out they dont look after members in the slightest. Pretty sad really. BYO is definitely the way to go as there is a bar in the members stand with about 4 stubbies in and a bottle of tonic water. I look forward to driving home (I can see the treetops) to a gigantic glass of wine. The monitors were 30 year old televisions and the sound quality from the members stand is terrible. I heard more than one person complaining about no being able to hear. If the clubs dont look after the members and the professionals what remains of the club? If members dont bring guests how do they recruit new members or fresh blood?
  10. Jo_Neilson

    Breeding Fees

    This is slightly off topic. I noticed this season that my mares are cycling oddly, they didnt start cycling until October then cycled late in November. One of my mares then had an issue in November with ovarian torsion. While talking to the vet at 11pm he mentioned that just about every mare with colic he had attended had OT which presents like colic. Do you have a breakdown on costs? As a scan, swab and a caslick cost around $600 from my local vet. I did make them come to me as I have a crush and I refuse to drive 70km to use theirs. As for using an extender, I would be more inclined to wonder if they are using a centrifuge to increase motility.
  11. I currently have places for 7 horses for spelling agistment, checked daily on meadow grass. 5 minutes from Tauherenikau racecourse. Pasture is a combination including clover, plantain, fescue, italian rye etc etc. Pasture rotation and horses are run as a herd. Loose boxes available for vet and farrier work. From $30 per week. No colts. ph 027 3323777 for more information
  12. Jo_Neilson

    Tauherenikau Waitangi Day

    The BYO limits are 6 stubbies or 1 bottle of wine per person according to the signs on the gates. I was down there this afternoon. Aaron we need to catch up, I will bring the stubbies.