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I am looking for information on a mare called Allure by Al Akbar from Sounds Illusive. She was born in 2000 but never went to a thoroughbred stud. She is not listed as deceased so assume she must still be alive.
Breeder M J Norman, owners Miss K Avery, Mr and Mrs M J Norman and estate of late B F Avery. Trainer seems to have been chris and colleen wood.
Does anyone know about her or the owners/trainers and can find information on her and why she never went to stud, if she is still alive, breeding non-thoroughbreds or anything?
Any information would be appreciated.

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Good morning, wow, this one tests the memory bank!

She was part owned by one of my best clients Brian Avery, who incidentally raced  a Melbourne Cup winner Tawriffic in 1989.

As far as I remember she was retired through injury, nothing serious, and the Normans retained her, for what purpose I am not sure.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks Chris for your response. Didn't realise I'd get someone directly involved!

Are you able to contact the Normans and find out or are you able to message me a contact number or email for them so I can contact them if possible.


I understand if not and appreciate your responses either way.


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