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  1. kyga


    Thanks Chris. Worth a try Abernant!
  2. kyga


    Thanks Chris for your response. Didn't realise I'd get someone directly involved! Are you able to contact the Normans and find out or are you able to message me a contact number or email for them so I can contact them if possible. I understand if not and appreciate your responses either way. Kyp.
  3. kyga


    I am looking for information on a mare called Allure by Al Akbar from Sounds Illusive. She was born in 2000 but never went to a thoroughbred stud. She is not listed as deceased so assume she must still be alive. Breeder M J Norman, owners Miss K Avery, Mr and Mrs M J Norman and estate of late B F Avery. Trainer seems to have been chris and colleen wood. Does anyone know about her or the owners/trainers and can find information on her and why she never went to stud, if she is still alive, breeding non-thoroughbreds or anything? Any information would be appreciated.