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  1. Absolutely Red

    Melody Belle- 3 mio not enough- Really

    Graham Stuart Hale didn’t you use a Cressida as a ladder once!
  2. Absolutely Red

    True Story...almost.

    Leigh my understanding of the situation was that this ownership group raced Interval trained by TJ and when he was sold for a considerable sum they leased Sunline prior to subsequent purchase.
  3. Absolutely Red

    Have a look at this

    P4P back I’ve late 70’s early 90’s Dick (RJ) Walsh was riding Luigi in a Victorian steeplechase and was dislodged from the saddle. He was totally under the horses neck for some distance but being a strong bugger he was able to swing himself back onto the saddle. From memory he finished in the placings
  4. Absolutely Red

    Police Raids

    The numbers to appear in Court on Tuesday may increase by 1 after the arrival of the Denpasar flight in Auckland tomorrow.
  5. Absolutely Red


    Yep. Won 1st and 2nd leg same day and consecutive days at Kensington Park. Trained I think by Frank Hill at Puke.