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  1. kimtapper

    horses made to trial

    I can't possibly reply to this comment because i dont know what that "BIG "word means lol.But my last word on The Dominators run-Could you or Brodie please explain to me the difference between Nat's Drive and Blairs drive in the 2 big races compared to Bose in lower class trot???? Cheers Kim.
  2. kimtapper

    horses made to trial

    From a gambling point of view I'm disappointed in your analysis of this race.I respect your tipping and knowledge of betting but how could you tip a 7 start 4yr old to beat a 6 win horse with 2 NZ records to her name plus could have started (with scratchings)in the Group race.The Dominator only got 30 metres start plus he was unruly!! IMHO Jen Jacka was the tip of the day at the odds. Would the horse finished any closer than he did if he moved from the 1200???I say NO-you say YES?? As an aside you do know trotters take time and yourself have started a few with time on their side if i remember correctly??? Cheers Kim.
  3. kimtapper

    horses made to trial

    Sorry i pushed wrong button lol.Does the above make you 'speechless" lol??
  4. kimtapper

    horses made to trial

    I did not see anything wrong with the drive on The Dominator on Monday.Have you trained a 'trotting"winner? Experts more knowledgeable than us two say that it takes 100s of miles to "make" a nice trotter. The 4yr old horse was only having his 8th start and therefore a lot to learn. This horse could have followed the 3 wide train around at the 1200 metres but in my opinion would have been left to die out there the last 1000 metres. Would Jen Jacka with top driver and 6 wins including 2 NZ records to her name hand up the parked spot to a 2 win horse ???? I feel it could have broken his heart very early in his career. I must admit he ran a HUGE last 1/4 for 2nd but would have got nothing imho if he went early. P/S I have a new name for your next horse- "HERE COMES"A Winner!!!! Maybe Cup Day???? Cheers.
  5. kimtapper

    horses made to trial

  6. kimtapper

    Marlborough HRC Are On The Move in June.

    Claudelands comes to mind.
  7. kimtapper

    Manawatu Race 4 - shocker!!

    Sorry gubellini.I never tried to correct you- only stating i also drove a Dominion winner in Work that has a sneaky look into this site.Good Luck.
  8. kimtapper

    Tony Lee to return?

    Lochie still calls Trotting trials and workouts in the South Canterbury area.
  9. kimtapper

    Manawatu Race 4 - shocker!!

    Sorry gub,you are certainly not the only contributor that has held a licence and driven a Dominion Handicap winner.
  10. kimtapper

    Black with Brown Sash

    Another bit of trivia about Wag.He did not race in the colours of Black,Brown Sash.He was owned by Ted Lowes mother who had her own colours of Red and White.
  11. kimtapper

    Scotch Tar

    Hi Chelseacol, I think you are commenting about George Shand who had a trotter Pointer Hanover about this time and he was the best 'whistler' coming up the straight the last time!!! He did get in to trouble with officialdom for this reason on a number of occasions and maybe causing Scotch Tar to gallop.
  12. kimtapper

    What was in plastic bag?

    Thanks Baz.It was never my intention of thinking of anything suspect and thanks once again to Ted and Baz.p/s I would love to have another look at the footage.
  13. kimtapper

    What was in plastic bag?

    Thanks so much for the detailed exclamation Ted but....I'm sure it wasn't the winning sash.It isn't that important but just something different that i haven't seen in my many years in the game. The only chance of explaining what i saw is maybe some cafer "My Skyed"the 1st race and see as the female trainer led the horse down the shute and this older male connection was following the horse with a clear plastic freezer bag with some item in the bag.???Hopefully some person did My Sky or you personally know the winning connections and can confirm i'm not going crazy lol.
  14. kimtapper

    What was in plastic bag?

    I just watched the 1st race from Te Aroha waiting for the next trotting race and saw the winning connections walking out of the birdcage with the male carrying a small plastic bag with what looked like a fish in the said bag Could someone with galloping knowledge please explain to a 'wobbly'what was the significance of this????