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  1. Hi Brian.Think you missed my pick in race5 (The Real Deal)Not that it means too much,I'm

    that far behind):(

  2. Where do I send the collect to Jason?

    1. jasonmccook1


      Same account as you put the punting money in. Kiwibank thanks

  3. Hope all these A's arent abandoning us Jason

    1. jasonmccook1


      No haha we have lost 2 and 2 still to confirm but we got 18 confirmed but should have 20 i am picking 

    2. Brown Fox
  4. Money going in tomorrow.Thanks Jason

    1. jasonmccook1


      Thanks Brown Fox. hope you all refreshed from your holiday and ready to make some serious money in the club.

  5. Back and ready for action Captain:D

    1. I Have Left

      I Have Left

      Great to have you back for the push towards the playoffs. Trust you had a phenomenal trip.

  6. Hi Richard.

            I'll be away for the next 3 weeks so could you or P.J. cover for me please.Cruise Ship here I come:D

    1. I Have Left

      I Have Left

      No worries mate. Have an amazing trip

  7. Hi P.J.

      I'm off overseas cruising for three weeks from tomorrow.Could you or Richard have

    someone cover for me in the next three comps.Thanks

    1. Peter Jenkins

      Peter Jenkins

      If Richard can't find someone I'll dig up a sub, thanks Graeme. Enjoy your cruise !

  8. OK with me if Sir Gal. replaces Albert but entirely up to you Jason:)

    1. jasonmccook1


      I'm happy if everyone agrees have posted on the thread

  9. Either bank acc. or Tab acc thanks Jason.I think you have them both.

  10. Jason,I'm off overseas from early June so could you make sure Im not down for the

    last couple of weeks.

                          Thanks Graeme

  11. Thanks P.J.


    RAGLAN 3225


  12. Has the Cat come home yet?:rolleyes: