RaceCafe..#1...Tipsters Thread.... Share Your Fancies For Fun...Lets See Who The Best Tipsters Here Are.


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R2  BRAZENBELLE, ran home nicely, outside draw unfortunately, will be running on at the end. 

R2 RAYET, another to looks special,  900m in 53.8 a tick under par.. 

R3 FELLINI, has continued to work well. is carrying weight, but is class E/W. 

R4 KAHEROA, looked super in trial run, moderate time, 1000m 1.01.0, but won like a future  star.

R4 MAD MAX, first time to the trials went super 800m in 45.0, followed by tow solid placing.. looks promising.

R6 LOCH N ORA,  solid work again this week, money is on. 


R1 MARTINA DIVA, only win at trials was on H8 over 1400m, ok long bow here. 

R1 CENTRE PAIGE, solid work this week over 1000m, home in 35.6, adds interest

R4 DURBAN WAY, may surprise, worked 850m in 49.88, watch

R5 OVERDRAWN, any improvement in track bring this guy into calculations

R5 GRIT, no weight, dam is excellent, watch tote.

R7 TRUSTWORTHY, work has been good, may fine this a bit short watch.

R8 MAUNA LEA, gets weight off, and early money on tote, adds interest.

R8 LOVE NESST, great sectionals when running third. Any drying of track, can win here.(600m 35.7, 400m 23.8, and a slick 11.8 for the 200m on a soft 7.









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