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Found 3 results

  1. If you look at the Oaks selection policy for our sister codes, our selection policy is a shambles and reeks of cronyism. This nonsense has to stop. GRNZ have to take ownership of this industry. Leaving it to vested interests does not work. Ray Amer.
  2. Ruhmour has it a well known franklin trainer has a positive any guesses who?????
  3. Nat mite need hospital appt for dislocated neck after a couple serious head turns looking for her mate how bad was that last week that horse wins from the front today she let her mate get the front if she parks him u reverse the result seriously the stipes have to look at this it's a joke poor punters again and if I wer the owner of golden goddess it would be gone from the stable he was robbed by stable drive again! !!!! Not a fair go!!!!