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  1. Regman

    Another positive

    U been flogging food off trainers latley cheat or are they on to u now scumbag dnt give a stuff wat half those guys say some are as bad as u bring it on yr threats are frightening me whimp!!!!!
  2. Regman

    Another positive

    Second clue Hayden sefonte go crawl back under the rock u crawled out from
  3. Regman

    Another positive

    Come say that to my face grant far from broke buddy I think u go under that banner cheat!
  4. Regman

    Another positive

    FYI you should go under Mr brainless no knowlage I do know but wnt disclose clue been done before get a life bro!
  5. Regman

    Another positive

    Ruhmour has it a well known franklin trainer has a positive any guesses who?????
  6. Regman

    Allstars team drive

    We all know both horses can run hm in similar fractions basicly whoever was in front turning for hm would win wat I'm saying is that horse won leading last start why give away yr advantage of leading easily again without a fight and sudden change of tactics when the front in big races are paramount to winning and to make things worse have a look at nat leaning out of the cart looking for mark right after the start two massive gawks if that horse belonged to a different stable there would be no handup questions need to be asked it is all to easy bloody disgracful! !!
  7. Regman

    Allstars team drive

    Yes but not a race anymore the way nat was leaning out of the cart it had already been preconcieved in the barn I'll go off the gate u come around walky walkies in the park so that we get another qualified for the jewells
  8. Regman

    Allstars team drive

    Nat mite need hospital appt for dislocated neck after a couple serious head turns looking for her mate how bad was that last week that horse wins from the front today she let her mate get the front if she parks him u reverse the result seriously the stipes have to look at this it's a joke poor punters again and if I wer the owner of golden goddess it would be gone from the stable he was robbed by stable drive again! !!!! Not a fair go!!!!
  9. Regman

    Cameron's Ride On Mime Under Review

    Mmm where's the consistency and fairness in our judicial panel Matt Cameron gets a delayed hearing and now a reserved decision and can continue riding where as poor Michael mcnab gets an immediate hearing an immediate suspension and Mickey Coleman gets a delayed suspension wats going on with our system I guess in the end it depends who u are i guess that means osullivan and Scott will get slapped with a wet bus ticket certainly smells like it
  10. Regman

    NZ Derby and review of the Guinea races

    Thunder downunder draws a marble jock will suit if the track dead watch out for the rumble