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Found 2 results

  1. Lease with R.O.P. Looking for trainer to manage & complete the syndicate as breeders will keep 20% and have others interested once a trainer confirmed. Two year old - strong muscular filly... Ego - Davone Kate.... Raised on steep hills and great temperament ready to be broken in. Paid up for Pearl Series and breeders will keep 20%. Photo and full information from : for anyone interested as trainer/manager and or/taking share's in the filly. Full brother to the very promising El Roi that went to Aust after winning twice here but the suffered from a tendon injury and wind problems so never reached his full potential. All enquiries welcomed Cheers David
  2. Hi there. I am looking to get around 10 people to put together a syndicate. The horse will be leased with the help of Bruce negus and trained by Nora bishop at tomahawk beach. training costs are 200 per week + vet shoeing and transport so per person about 30 - 35 $ per person per week for 10% share