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  2. Yea im down. This could be a bit of fun. I cant seem to find a winner most days so this should be easy
  3. Yea I thought the same. I also thought elusive flight in an earlier race was unlucky. Chopped out by the eventual winner causing it to gallop away any chance it had
  4. R4 Zante. Looks to be a smart enough horse. Stable goes well here. Might be a touch of value about the price
  5. Fostermd

    BET 365

    I felt obliged to log in and comment on this . I have had a similar situation thru the nz tab and they were incredibly helpful and had a refund in my account pretty much immediately
  6. Haha I wish. No he said that it was obvious that the bet was outside my usual betting pattern. Very helpful very low stress
  7. After ringing and getting to deal with Aaron Owen . Who was beyond helpful he got it sorted with zero pain. Very happy customer
  8. Hi there I am just after some help with an issue I am having with the tab. I went to place a bet for an $200 however the mobile site came up with error: please review your activity report before continuing . I checked my report and no bet had been taken. Then I went to place the bet again . But my account was empty . They had taken a $2000 bet off me . Who would I see to get help on this matter. Or am I wasting my time Cheers Matt
  9. Wow. 2nd start kills them again Classy horse. Going to be lost to New Zealand by the sound of it. A crying shame. Always nice seeing a horse of his caliber come from the South Island
  10. Tragic news today regarding Nora. She came off the road driving from Dunedin to Christchurch and sadly Hudson Sully was killed in the crash. He was an awesome wee horse who I was lucky enough to have my first ever drive behind. My thoughts go out to Nora and her crew.
  11. Did anyone see this horse on debut at Ashburton. How impressive!!!!!! Granted it didn't beat anything of note. It smashed them. Won in a canter and Terry Moseley has said it's the best he's ridden in a long time. Will be a future worth watching
  12. I have had a wee bit to do with Nora. It wouldn't surprise me too much if she has forbid whips on her horses. She loves each horse and trains them all individually. She works damn hard with the horses she has and doesn't have the luxury of rich horse fleash. A true good woman of the harness racing industry
  13. I have to agree I had a punt on commander Paris who got his throat cut by Chin. It seemed odd he didn't want to trail especially after it was obvious the lead wasn't there. I suppose the hot speed set it up for something coming from back a bit. Race perfectly run to suit his other stable runner