SATURDAY COMP TeRapa this Saturday all are welcome to enter!!!!


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  1. 1. 1,3,8,9 Sub 12 2. 2,7,8,12 Sub 11 3. Sub 7 4. 1,3,4,11 Sub 6 5, 3,4,7,13 Sub 5 6. 1,2,3,4 Sub 15 7. 3,6,11,16 Sub 9 8.1,4,5,11 Sub 14 9.1,5,8,10 Sub 7 10. Sub 12 11. 2,12,16,18. Sub 8 12. Sub 6 Good luck everyone
  2. Thanks guys for the explanation. Still feel for the 25 nom's that wont get a run in that one race.
  3. Not according to the handicapper, we were the worst of the 4 rating 51 and plus the other higher rated runners will all be tough. Also not sure that barrier one is any advantage this time of the year and our jockey injured yesterday. But hey always optimistic (or crazy) or would exit the game.
  4. Cant follow that logic at all Ted. Forgetz has had 5 starts for one placing and 2k stakes, Pearl Davone has had 6 starts for 4 placings and $3850 in stakes.... Ciciolina has placed twice and $1750 in stakes in 6 starts.... compared to Pearl Davone in the same number of starts 4 placings and $3850 in stakes .... facts not fiction and they are all starting fresh up when you said PD has a good record.
  5. As the interested owner/breeder of a maiden horse nominated for this meeting in Race 5 1200 M maiden that has a rating of 51, I was suprised that at this stage she does not make the field of 14. However looking at the field the first few are rating 45 horses that I assume were balloted from another meeting so obviously that will be a technique used by astute people to jump way ahead of their rating in future to get a start? My beef is that we should be number 13 not 15! #13 Forgetz has had 5 starts for 0ne 2nd and 4 unplaced runs & $2000 stakes; #14 Ciciolina has had 6 starts for two 3rds and 4 unplaced runs $1750 in stakes and Pearl Davone has had 6 starts for one 2nd, one 3rd, two 4ths and only 2 unplaced runs and $3850 in stakes. So how do they rate the horses on the same rating? But wow over 40 horses nominated so how many in the pipeline that owners are paying training fee's for and no opportunity to race....
  6. Why is a 2018 post still sitting at the top of these posts????
  7. Phar Lap Books and press clippings On Trade me Listing #: 2649517995 Search under "Phar Lap" Listing #: 2649517995
  8. Hi Gubellini The Turf Registers start 1896/97 to 1930/31 (every year in between) and the only later ones I still have are 1949/50, 1970/71 and 1971/72. Doesn't look like they are what you are looking for but have answered here so that any others looking can check the years out that are available still. Thanks for your enquiry.
  9. Hi Sorry about the delay but I will check the dates I have in the next day or so and get back to you but they start in the 1880's... cheers dave
  10. NZ STUD BOOKS. 1951, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1975, 1979 and 1983. Surplus to requirements so available to a good home. Reasonable offers. Also "Tapestry of Turf" History of NZ Racing, John Costello and Pat Finnegan $15 Jack Glengarry's Racing Miscellany $10. All plus courier if required or pick up Waikato. Large range of Turf registers, Racing Annuals and other general racing books if you have a specific request. 07 871 8477
  11. A couple of 10% lease shares available (with R.O.P.) in this strong, well grown with very good temperament 2 yr old filly by Ego that went the trainer/breaker Sephanie Tierney/ Dan Cherry Moemoea Park Matamata today. (April 1st) . Stephanie trains the very good Ego mare Goboniego that has won 2 races from only 4 starts and ready to go again. A low in going ($150 to cover Pearl bonus entry etc) and reasonable on going costs for a filly that will be up and running very soon. Text your email address for more information or phone David on 027 336 2233.