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  1. Located in omakau otago, 8 years experience training, good, quiet facilities. Limited spaces available. Competitive daily rates @25 per day + 20 per week for track facilities. ph bridget 0278992945
  2. available to pre train your young horses. last young horse just ran 2nd in her first trial. located in Omakau central otago, small stable, quality over quantity affordable prices and good horsemanship. email at ph 0278992945 bridget emerson
  3. hi i have a question regarding suspended trainers and Pre-Training. i am looking to employ some one who is currently a suspended trainer to help on the ground with my pre-trainers, i have been told they have nothing to do with the race ones if i get a licence and that is fine. But can they still help me with young breakers and pre-trainers without any licences?? i am confused as i don't need a licence to pre-train??
  4. Need your young ones put into work.? I can offer a great start to your young horses racing career. Have large amounts of experince in breaking/ natural horsemanship and racing. Good affordable rates. If you are interested please call Bridget on 0278992945