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  1. wobbly


    No surprise to see a successful, and likely fiscally comfortable, trainer singing the praises of synthetic tracks Stemming the flow of owners selling/moving horses off-shore must be great for business?!
  2. Shane, Sportsbet et al don't have national sports bodies sucking on their tit. NZTAB have a whole department (Elite Services) working hard trying to retain their larger punters....as they know they can't be competitive v the unshackled corporates.
  3. Decision apparently under JCA review
  4. When it takes an hour+ to make a decision you just know it's going to be dubious As you say Gruff, Extortion went past eventual winner so the ricochet initiated by inside runner should have given benefit of the doubt to Extortion
  5. wobbly


    To be fair WD most SI tracks look like they were designed by folk from your dominant code. Could be the answer to all our industry woes? SI exclusively Harness and dogs....gallops only in the north?
  6. wobbly


    Going way back to 2004 from the NZRB paper - 'size and scope of NZ racing industry': Thoroughbred racing in the north held 75% of the meetings and received 80% of the funding payout for the code. Harness racing in the south held 55% of the meetings and received 65% of the funding payout for the code Given NI breeders provide over 85% of our thoroughbred foal crop and a large % of South's racing stock............
  7. I concur Whyisit...cut them adrift! Compare Stratford RC to Waverley RC (regular track and facility improvements, cash comfortable and still playing the game)...no self-appointed, self-absorbed, entitled, non-achieving relics there!
  8. Same Murray Blue who blackballed prospective members, with a differing opinion to his, at the turn of the century. His vision for the club back then perhaps didn't pan out as well as he'd hoped?
  9. Heavily reduced options on tonight's NRL match. Staff cuts starting to show.
  10. SD...you are on to it. Ownerplus (bonus odds for elite punters betting on their own horses) has just switched from FO to tote. Perhaps they have tired of chasing the fixed odds rainbow?
  11. What about the initiative for AJC to alter their calendar and lock down premiere Saturdays (to allow the best horses in NZ to race on a roomy right handed track as final lead up) to coincide with revised ARC group one calendar. Deemed as assisting the enemy and therefore unpalatable. No governing body dead ends there...no debate...just red mist rejection.
  12. Dont go to too much bother Huey...just your top 5 AJC initiatives please
  13. Can't afford the redundancy payouts...
  14. Details are hard to come by when the wagons have been circled for nearly two decades....what else would you expect?