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    Eeebee got a reaction from Black Kirrama in race track surfaces   
    So you think that the costs for transport,jockey,noms should be all on the owner who is already paying there own costs and training fees to have to turn around and go home again!!!
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    Eeebee got a reaction from porky in Well done Wairoa   
    Congrates to wairoa club for a great day and looking after the owners with $3 beers and free food in the owners tent all day.It's good to see a club doing this as some clubs just want you to put your hand in your pocket all day and pay.They have a free social event Saturday that all owners racing sunday also get invited to. Well done.
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    Eeebee got a reaction from meomy in NEW SHOWS   
    Tony Lee was a loss as a race caller and on trackside.
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    Eeebee reacted to molly21 in Shares available in a Patapan filly   
    Racing syndicate shares available
    Rising 2 by Patapan out of Madison Mary who had 5 wins
    1/2 sister to Cajun (3 wins)
    10 Shares @ $160 per month
    5% shares may be available
    Horse is currently being broken and will be trained @ hastings
    For more info email [email protected] or call Paul on 0272299219