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  1. He'll be the first since Coup Align was a baby!!!! - but you're entitled to your opinion. Cheers!!
  2. Yes Franky - it COULD be misleading] something a bit special b] or a 'fluke' due to extenuating circumstances. I think in CA's case we can agree that his 1:07 was not a b] as he has gone to bigger and better things and as I've said, recorded three exceptionally fast times over 1000m also. Anyway, you sucked me back into this one again but I promise I'll leave it after this as I suggested last time and we'll wait and see aye?. Cheers!
  3. Not another year - just a dry track. Perhaps we'd better agree to differ about him until he proves himself one way or the other on the track. Cheers.
  4. Franky I credited you with being a better judge... So of all the 1200m races at Riccarton [where it is apparently so easy to reel off a 1.07 time] last season, how many horses actually did it? My guess would be you'd only need one hand to tally them up..and by your own admission only the 'best horses' would be capable of it anyway right??? Which is exactly what I've been saying.... I would doubt very much that Coup Align would come all the way to Te Rapa for a 1400m race Frank. He is probably the fastest 1000m - 1200m horse in the country [only Mufhasa of those currently racing,
  5. My point was that to say 1.07 for 1200m is nothing to write home about is plain crazy! Start a list Franky, of all the horses that did it last year for a start - anywhere!! Tell me when you need more postage stamps...
  6. You talkin' crazy Frankee! I KNOW you not really that silly....
  7. Hi Nahla I have never said at any stage that the three horses you mention were not capable of running 1.07 - I simply pointed out that on the day, only two had done it up till that point. And really, the whole point of my argument is that the soft track effectively stopped ANY horse running 1.07 or anything near it!!! THAT is what I'm upset about! It was a NON-EVENT in determinig who's the fastest horse in the country, and that was disappointing. I don't think for one minute that Vonusti is a slug] to show their best. We won't know now, how he compared against Gold Trail for
  8. Yep - usually by this time it is fairly obvious that a foal will be grey. Hope it turns out a nice horse for you.
  9. Well said Centrofold. There were only two horses in that field that have run 1.07 for 1200m [Mufhasa and Coup Align for the record], and they finished side by side in 6th & 7th place. I was anticipating the clash between them and the Aussies on a fast track for weeks! As it turned out it was simply not a true indication of sprinting ability due to the track. The opportunity to rate our best against some half-decent Aussie sprinters on our own turf won't happen again in a hurry - which only adds to the 'aaaaggh' factor! and Darryl - ask Sticko if he thinks Vonusti would blow
  10. I'm no bookie [and yes, OK, that was an exaggeration to make a point ] - but it would depend of course on the two horses and the distance: what would you offer if it was Sunline and Bonecrusher over 1200m???? I'm not trying to knock Vonusti - he's a real good horse and NGH is one of my favourite jockeys [although he probably isn't Jeff Lynd's at the moment!!!] - but for you to say he's "a far superior horse to Coup Align over 1200m on good tracks" is clearly your personal like for the horse getting in the way of the facts.
  11. Surely YOU jest???!!! Vonusti: 3 wins @ 1200m. Fastest time 1.09.3[yesterday] 1 win over 1000m time: 1.00.77 Coup Align: 3 wins @ 1200 [and 1 @ 1250m] fastest time 1.07.7 3 wins over 1000m] but 1:09.3 is a long way off the Telegraph record. He is not the short course sprinter that Coup Align is and never will be. Neither will Coup Align be the 1400m -1600m horse that Vonusti is either. However, the Telegraph is not the Thorndon; it's supposed to be the toughest test of our best sprinters over 1200m. It just disappoints me that he and a few others never got their chan
  12. Run the race again on a hard track and Coup Align would be paying $1.50 and Vonusti $10 - even in a match race! You can't tell me that tne winning trio comprise the three fastest sprinters in NZ at the moment!!! You HAVE to be joking. The wet track was the ruination of a fantastic race and the winning time reflects that. Nearly three seconds off the race record - that's fifteen lengths.
  13. With all best wishes, congratulations and respect to the connections of Vonusti, Tootsie and Stupendous - but this race was a travesty of justice! Coup Align kicked the winner's brains in at Riccarton carrying the grandstand on a hard track...how brave he was today!
  14. Exactly Leigh - drives a lot of us mad! What a spectacle the Telegraph was shaping up to be - and now it's quite simply been downgraded; sure the rain may have done that anyway - but why exacerbate it with irrigation??????
  15. What a let-down! A slow 7 for the race of the year...Coup Align will still battle on through it, but no chance to show his best. Nor many of the other REAL sprinters. Why MUST they add water when so much rain is around???
  16. Nah mate - a wet track brings Atapi right into it!
  17. I don't see why if you look at Coup Align's record and manner of wins that anyone could think he's "out of his depth." Mike Pitman is no mug trainer and he thinks Coup Align is something real special too! David Walsh who has won on the horse gave him a real 'wrap' in yesterday's paper too. Make no mistake - if they don't completely stuff the track with their watering overnight he's right in this race on 52.5kgs! I think Gold Trail willl fold in the last 100 or so in this race. He got a relatively 'easy' win in the Railway through dictating the pace - but this race will be run in a world rec
  18. I'm with you Zimmo - I think Coup Align is freakishly fast. His times running against himself - all opposition to date no help! - have been spectacular. However, my only concern is that he sets it up perfectly for something to slingshot him in the last 50. Can't see him not being in the first 3.
  19. Yes sorry - you're exactly right! I WAS confusing those two and Danske has certainly gone on to more than useful as a sire. Cheers. My comments are rescinded.
  20. Jeff stood the horse originally. He always appealed to me on type and sire, but his stock probably don't go quick enough early enough to be a commercial prospect. It's pretty hard to 'make' a CD horse at stud unless they are truly outstanding. I wish Jeff every success - he's been in the game a long time and had his share of average ones..
  21. I agree Zimmo; those two are clearly the two to beat at Trentham and while I missed her race yesterday Wealth Princess is obviously very special. I'd love to see her do well at the top level - no-one loves a good horse more than me - but the two aforementioned are two big obstacles for my money.
  22. She is obviously hugely talented - no question about that. HOWEVER....I think some of us have forgotten just how good the big black galloping machine from Ardmore is!!! Watch the Telegraph tape again guys....you're trying to say a 3 win horse will blow away our current Horse of the Year fresh up over 1200m??? BIG CALL!!!! That's all I say....