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  1. Scotch Thistle

    Haunting Illustration

    Was good to see the hen party having fun. Took the mind briefly away from the malfunctioning starting gates, and the lack of fun the parties associated with the 2 late scratchings had experienced. Clubs should get the basics right.
  2. Scotch Thistle

    First 4 players?!

    Whereas we used to have a bet or a punt, with decent turnover, we now supposedly spec something or play something, with reduced throughput. And we have blather merchants, like Brendan Prattlewell, full of marketing jargon and vacuous piffle, driving us to other pursuits.
  3. Scotch Thistle

    maija vance

    I've had a nightmare in which Maija's supposed love interest, PH, is Paul Harris. In it, they've been sharing the pies, and Maija needs to waste off 10kgs to ride the topweight in an event for amateur riders.
  4. Scotch Thistle

    Bring back the Informant

    I was a subscriber til it folded, and don't cry over it folding. Best Bets/Turf Digest has improved greatly recently, with Aussie fields. I doubt Sir Patrick's concerns are for the small punter, more that he's missing full colour advertising for his stallions, and articles which peed in his pocket.
  5. Scotch Thistle

    The Informant finished?

    Seems that NZRB and the publishers of The Informant are involved in brinkmanship. Both sides are likely to damage their interests, and the industry's. How many subscribers to The Informant will renew subscriptions when Wrigley tells them the next issue might be the last? How many people consider it fair for NZRB to pay newspapers $millions to print race fields, yet to charge The Informant for race fields? I stopped buying Best Bets when I subscribed to The Informant. If The Informant folds, I will not go back to Best Bets. I'll access fields on the TAB and/or NZ Racing websites, as I do now for meetings not covered by The Informant.
  6. Scotch Thistle


    Great field, great stake, great race. True, however, that the provincial representation angle now involves more than a little bollocks.
  7. Scotch Thistle

    Gavin McKeon

    I hope Gavin excels at whatever he chooses to do beyond fatherhood. If he wanted to be a presenter/personality on Trackside 36 he would light up that channel, and be set to take over from one or more of the aged brigade there [Karen, Des, Stu].
  8. Scotch Thistle

    TAB/Bookmakers windfall

    That's sensible. With tongue in cheek, though, what is the difference with one that plays up at the barrier and will not go into the gates? It will be late scratched, after exhaustive efforts to load it, even though it is at fault. Same for horses which toss their riders in preliminaries, then bolt. Or ones which get injured on transport to the course, or after arrival.
  9. Scotch Thistle

    Trackside presenter gone.

    I'm not sure about Donna, but certain that Brendan Prattlewell is not the answer. I didn't realise how good Darryl is until Brendan stood in for him a few weeks back.
  10. Scotch Thistle

    Ban behind the stalls starting

    I see that an inquiry into this horrifying incident was opened and adjourned. No mention in the stipes report whether the starter was breathalised - as were 19 jockeys at Tauranga today - or tested for drug use or poor eyesight before carrying on.
  11. Scotch Thistle

    Mark Walker

    Watch out if Pitman arrives with loads of Oxyshot, and his horses go to another level! They might even get as high as the ones Maroney got nabbed for?
  12. Scotch Thistle

    race callers

    Bruce Sherwin is under-used as a commentator. Also, he comes across as a keen form analyst, with a mind of his own, so might be great in the studio too, for gallops anyway.
  13. Scotch Thistle

    Johnny Bright....Say what??

    I agree with all of the above. Possibly they were employed because they came cheap? If so, false economy. Some of the presenters who do have racing knowledge and enthusiasm need to have ongoing training in presentation skills, so they learn to stop rabbiting on and repeating themselves [eg Brendan Prattlewell].
  14. Scotch Thistle

    Rogan Norvall

    Maybe Rogan just had an "off" day? If Siem Reap was mine, Rogan would be off him for good.
  15. Scotch Thistle

    Boxing Day Races at Ellerslie

    Great racing, with a good mixture of favourites and longer odds winners. With the improved Trackside, great TV viewing for those elsewhere in NZ. To round things off, the Stipes' report was posted half an hour after the last race.
  16. Scotch Thistle

    Tab Tv Launch

    Well done to those involved in the work leading up to the big move forward today. Was a pleasing surprise to see everything hanging together on both channels, with new graphics, stipes eye views, etc, on the new Trackside. This would not be Racecafe without quibblers and whingers about minor issues, but the big picture is clear - this is a big advance for the industry.
  17. Scotch Thistle

    Miss Judged and St. Pat .......What an absolute Rort

    The stipes' report is still not posted 3 hours after the last race and 5 hours after the race in question!! Given the snail's pace of the Judiciary, maybe Judge Goddard is writing up the decision?
  18. Scotch Thistle

    Stipes reports on NZTR website

    In this age of computers, wireless broadband, etc, what is a reasonable period after the last race at a big meeting for NZTR to have posted the stipes report on the NZTR website? An hour? Two hours? ... 4 hours after the last race at Pukekohe the report is yet to be posted on the NZTR site. The report from Hastings was up in less than 2 hours; those from the central districts are consistently much quicker appearing than in the north.
  19. Scotch Thistle

    Bay of Plenty Times racing coverage... WHAT A JOKE!

    The crowds on course at Tauranga since the track was restored seem to have been large and enthusiastic, and not just on the major days. Racing Tauranga must be doing something right, even if the local rag is a joke.