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  1. spiderrider

    Champion/Murphy vs Ashburton RC

    You have to wonder why ARC won't come out perhaps it may show they are being held to ransom so to speak with a race meeting looming, the track should be in picture perfect shape looking forward to the day hope the weather is good also. How many members know of its clubs goverance procedures and would they be happy to learn they are being represented in this manner?
  2. spiderrider

    Champion/Murphy vs Ashburton RC

    Be fine if they had been warned of inappropriate behavior before being suspended.
  3. spiderrider

    Champion/Murphy vs Ashburton RC

    I feel there has been little acknowledgement towards the owners these trainers train for, the horses they have and the desire to have a facility close to them to watch the development of their horses. I understand they are local people why would they now wish to support this club. They don't get choices of changing trainers as there's only one professional trainer now left at Ashburton. There was no thought as too where these trainers could go, how many places could take 20 horses tomorrow here in the south island for these owners. Great face of New Zealand Racing and experience for these owners.
  4. spiderrider

    Champion/Murphy vs Ashburton RC

    The problem with that it would only advantage those who would see a better race opportunity for themselves. Better off going to Ashburton and voice your concerns to the committee on course that day.
  5. spiderrider

    Champion/Murphy vs Ashburton RC

    The club cannot be touched they do not have to give a reason and it's not a right to renew your permit to train so tomorrow they could terminate all licenses to train on their tracks and all trainers are out its as easy as that. Read the rules it's interesting reading. We should call them the untouchables lol. They have just reduced the numbers of horses so the Track Manager can cope as it's quite a juggling act for the poor man to cope with 50 horses now down to 25 unless Te Akau are visiting.
  6. spiderrider

    Champion/Murphy vs Ashburton RC

    To all who have issues like Champion and Murphy don't give your clubs and Track Managers the courtesy of rectifying their unsafe tracks go straight to work safe and let them take the Hassel out of it for you. Can any one tell me why Murphy is being punished is it because she is a female?