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    We bought 10 I think at a range of prices  i wasnt there but the report was that many of the well bred ones had twisted legs and thats not something buyers are willing to risk. 
    We bring most of ours back to Australia. There aren't races for them in nz; we don't want our 2 year olds racing 5 year olds and if they are any good, they get handicapped out of the race anyway. It feels lile they race 5 times a season and spend the rest of their time eating money in the agistment paddock in NZ between the big races. We can race them in WA every week against their own age group and sex for  $7k and once a month for $18k. And while there aren't the classics in WA that there are in NZ, there also aren't the All Stars to compete against. No matter how good our horse is, they somehow have one thats the best they've ever had and all we can achieve is a placing. That's coming from an owner. 
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