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  1. Hayden Sefonte

    I need help

    You do need help Tim..... Not just on how the rating system works either. It’s better than the old system, whether it’s good enough is another question. Like the idea of capping horses at 100 as mentioned above. It would mean Turn It Up gets 5 points which is irrelevant given he is already open class. Could have given him 107 points and it would make no difference short term.
  2. Hayden Sefonte

    Weaning sale

    More bargains for yourself Tim. Don’t be shy, keep putting that hand up.
  3. Hayden Sefonte

    TrotTech HRNZ

    Must go down as the most respectful reply ever seen on this website.
  4. Hayden Sefonte

    Serving it up

    Big effort by the winner. Competitive driving, good to see.
  5. Hayden Sefonte

    TAB Live stream delay?

    How does the NZ Tab take bets into a commingled pool if it is closed?
  6. Hayden Sefonte

    TAB Live stream delay?

    Noticed that as well but is it not a delayed stream and therefore this would have popped up in live broadcast?
  7. Hayden Sefonte


    Tough marker. His Alabar Classic win was anything but cheap.
  8. Hayden Sefonte

    Winstons big announcement...

    One of his first statements was there is no major announcement and then proceeded to reiterate a select number of his racing policies pre negotiations with Labour. He ended by asking buyers to dig deeper into there pockets as change for the good was coming......I am an optimist so my fingers are still crossed. Meanwhile that little girl waits a little longer.... http://burfordadvertising.com/work/christian-childrens-fund-a-little-girl-waits Even an apple or a lazy loaf of bread would be something.
  9. Hayden Sefonte

    Nature Strip

    Agreed. Not sure on the quality of horse it was running away from but the way it responded at the 200 looked impressive.
  10. Hayden Sefonte


    Drove past the advertisements today and thought is this fair dinkum. Now I am by no means the sharpest tool in the shed but I find the idea of selling off sections of land baffling. Yes there are very limited options when it comes to developers acquiring land for greenfield developments so close to the city off private ownership and no doubt the value of the sales will be representative of this, however this in itself is why I’m baffled. While the NZ racing industry has a number of serious issues facing it directly in the face around long term sustainability, being asset poor is not one of them. There is a reason why the potential investors would scramble over hot coals to pay big money for land like this so why would this particular club not be doing the same to retain every inch of land they have. If it was solely for a cash injection to develop other parts of the site then maybe, but surely higher levels of governance would be opening the cheque book to prevent the need to sell off assets for ever? There may well be very valid reasons to sell these particular blocks of land. Unitary plans, existing ground conditions, whether it fits long term with master plans etc etc but from an outsider looking in it seems a bit confusing.
  11. Hayden Sefonte

    Will Purdon Rule Again

    Maybe he doesn’t plan on bringing him back to NZ with the stock he has coming through into the open class ranks in Ultimate Machete, Vincent etc ? A very talented horse when he is right but he is no Lazarus.
  12. Hayden Sefonte

    What a disgrace

  13. Hayden Sefonte

    Michael Guerin comments on TAB FF odds!

    What is your real name Brodie?
  14. Hayden Sefonte

    Here's a question for you

    How about taking all the money and putting on one big race called the Cook. The interest it would generate would be incredible for the industry much like Sydney at the moment. What's even better is by carding it in early spring you could just about gaurantee deferring the race to the following Monday at some track miles from anywhere because the grass got wet the night before and came up a heavy 56. Just to top it off you could make the nomination fee something reasonable and within reach of all industry participants at something like $600k or thereabouts. Winston could be the bloke presenting the trophy....
  15. Hayden Sefonte

    blood test mystery

    How about random testing of entire stables for all banned substances?