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  2. Royal Randwick R3 3.10pm - 1 Ellerslie R6 3.35pm - 10 Doomben R5 3.53pm - 11 b/b Ellerslie R7 4.10pm (BONUS RACE) - 16 Royal Randwick R5 4.20pm - 5 Royal Randwick R6 4.55pm (BONUS RACE) - 2 Royal Randwick R7 5.35pm - 1 Caulfield R7 5.55pm - 7 Royal Randwick R8 6.15pm (BONUS RACE) - 4 Caulfield R8 6.35pm - 9 b/b Happy Easter All Mauruuru
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  4. Missing Race 10 Insider.. you must be confident
  5. He won the Group 3 in France on Sunday but heavens above, how good is he. By Kingman
  6. Baz (NZ)

    True Story...almost.

    Fark that Ted! I've had enough after 100m! From memory my best was a 12.flat and a 12.6. When I couldn't keep up on the flat. I made it to the Waikato Champs for 100m Hurdles. I ran 3rd in my heat... falling after the last on the flat (what a farkwit) ran 17.something... which wasn't fast enough to qualify me for the final. My training regime was no exercise, much beer & many cigarettes! Haven't changed a thing and this has made me the champion I am today.....just like CBT
  7. CBT

    Alex Scott Maiden Stakes Newmarket

    Cheers for the heads up Red Rum. I’ll check him out. Currently paying $3.50 Fixed over here. Happy Easter
  8. CBT

    True Story...almost.

    Don’t worry Maria, I’ve got them all covered. The truth has a funny way of cutting through all the bullshit which I love. Still waiting on Barry to tell us all what he actually does for Graham Hart & also Richmond Tige to tell us all how he knows “Dunc Hawkesby.” You gonna tell us all Bazza? Are you the pool boy?
  9. First race tonight on day 3 of Craven meeting at Newmarket is the Alex Scott Maiden Stakes. If you don't know the story about Alex Scott it's a sad tale with a twist at end . He was a real up and coming young trainer from a military family . He trained Sheik Albadou at Newmarket , sent him to Breeders Cup at Churchill Downs in 91 and beat yanks at own game in Breeders Cup Sprint in days it was only one day and Sprint on dirt was only option for sprinter at meet . He trained a few other top liners too. He started to train for Maktoums and in August 1994 sent an unraced 2 year old to Newbury for a conditions race that normally was quite hot , It won . In September 1994 Alex Scott was murdered , shot dead by one of his grooms at his famiy owned stud farm . The horse that won that Newbury race went to Saeed Bin Suroor who was starting out his UK training career. It only raced three more times , won Epsom Derby in race record time , King George at Ascot and the Arc , the mighty Lammtara. 2nd race tonight has Well of Wisdom kicking off ,a half brother to Avilius trained by Charlie Appleby .
  10. tripple alliance

    Big news right here

    And here it is , racefields ex Bernards blog . The two Bills to be introduced will amend the 2003 Racing Act, with the first to be enacted by 1 July and putting in place the Racing Industry Transitional Authority (RITA) which will drive the transition of the industry over the following months. RITA effectively replaces the NZRB with new personnel who will be charged with Business As Usual responsibilities combined with the necessary change management to introduce the new look and direction of the industry. This first Bill will also see the introduction of a racing information charge (Racefields) and a point of consumption charge, with overseas betting operators being required to finally pay for the use of New Zealand racing.
  11. Chestnut

    True Story...almost.

    I could, I know Chris He loves life and why shouldn't he. If it wasn't for his resilience and to keep coming back no matter what you throw at him this thread would be nothing Cheers to him.
  12. We're Doomed

    True Story...almost.

    It is all quite entertaining in the most bizarre way. I suspect even p4p is rather bemused. I don't think anyone could have seen this escalating in this fashion.
  13. crustyngrizzly

    History of Chicago (the band)

    Pretty impressive.
  14. Admin4

    Rotorua Races

  15. Admin4

    Riverton Races

  16. Admin4

    Wanganui Dogs

  17. Admin4

    Invercargill Harness

  18. Admin4

    Invercargill Dogs

  19. Ohokaman

    Jacinda Ardern

    She will like this......maybe.......
  20. Idolmite

    True Story...almost.

    There's once was a poster known as horse-stopper Who in more recent times has become a name-dropper Using the moniker CBT He clashes with P4P And Burger King named his burger a Whopper
  21. Idolmite

    True Story...almost.

    Best post in this thread to date
  22. tripple alliance

    Jacinda Ardern

    As time passes the incompetence of this lot becomes more apparent , they have lived off the previous governments successes but that's running out and their incompetence in running the country is showing , another 18 months where will we be . Here's another indication that the down hill slide is gaining momentum . New Zealand's job market may be losing steam, if the sites on which vacancies are advertised are anything to go by. Head of Trade Me Jobs Jeremy Wade said there had been signs for the past nine months that the job market was weakening. But he said the drop in the first quarter of this year had been a surprise. New job listings were down 6.1 per cent year-on-year in the quarter, the first time the site had reported a drop in 10 years. "Our data shows that the private sector job market peaked around the start of 2018 and there has been a significant - 5-10 per cent - tail off since then. The decline in business confidence is now reducing new hiring."
  23. crustyngrizzly

    Jacinda Ardern

    She said that a CGT was her ''cornerstone policy'' and that she had campaigned on it. It was obviously not just put out there for debate. One thing i gotta ask is ,surely in coalition agreement talks she must have asked NZF what they thought about a CGT. I wonder what Winnies reply was.
  24. tripple alliance

    Jacinda Ardern

    But wait , there's more , she scammed her supporters , the few she really had , remember she was appointed by Winston , not elected by voters . On Wednesday, Ardern announced a CGT was not going ahead . But Plunket said the Labour Party never had a CGT policy and didn't have a plan for the transformational change Ardern was selling. "There never was a CGT that Jacinda Ardern campaigned on for three terms, for nine years - it simply didn't exist. So she got someone to make one up and then she hired an old Labour politician to sell it . The radio host also reckoned she used New Zealand First, which has historically opposed the tax, to then "scrap" the policy.
  25. bloke

    Jacinda Ardern

    No Government ever got voted in promising an increase in tax such CGT. They put it out there for public debate and tested the waters. It was clear that it was unpopular especially with Baby Boomers who have done well out of property. CGT will have more chance when the current Gen Ys gain ascendancy and the Baby Boomers have died off. So we are talking 20 years plus. The current government also knows that National is stuffed with Simple Simon and with Crusher taking over they are more than a shoe in. At the end of the day politicians are driven by votes so why chance fate when you only have Simple Simon and Crusher to contend with.
  26. CBT

    True Story...almost.

    Nice one Ted! I’ve only ever ran 2 half marathons (I could never run beyond 10km in training because of my left knee). My best time was just over 1:28 in the Melbourne half marathon. Would love to try and crack 3 for the full in October but not sure if my knee will hold up unfortunately. Sub 2:30 is fair flying!!! My friend Anderson ran 2:37:18 for the Melbourne mara last year
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