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  2. I've read a bit over years about this and iam sure the captive bolt is classed as unsuitable for use on horses in some places by some organisations , I stand to be corrected though as never worked in abatoir .I have gambled , had interest etc on the horses for many many years but this and injuries nag away at my consious at times , however I try focus on the many that get long and active well cared for lives by good people .

    In my view

    Tim. Most logical answer was create the new bottom of 35 ......or just leave it as is
  4. We're Doomed

    Just second hand...
  5. Red Rum, this is the key sentence in your response, - all animals destined for slaughter should be treated with respect and killed quickly and painlessly.
  6. After the First Lady Stakes (G1T) turned out to be too salty for his taste, trainer Neil Drysdale looked north and found a much more palatable spot for his 4-yrar-old filly Simply Breathless (GB). View the full article
  7. The further onsale after leaving yards is the problem , after year or two they end up places like Echuca Sale yards with the doggers filing orders , Deposer a Royal Ascot placed horse , ex HK ended up there and so did a horse called Sahara Sun Chiliean Derby runner up. Both in poor condition after going through number of hands , the racing owners may have thought been re homed to good place but how do you track them over many years .They were saved I understand from reports many others are not . How many old broodmares , foals deemed not racing quality etc end up in slaughterhouses or knackeries , it's not just out of racing yards . Korea have sent thousands of ex NZ OZ and other racehorses to dinner plate over years , it's marked in their register as such . The old chestnut of Singapore retirement plans , Macau etc . If people sell there they know the likely outcome unless they have a return clause and enact it , if they don't know they are willfully blind to protect their own feelings not the horse or accept it as part of the business . US banned horse slaughter for human consumption, Texas closed one big plant that exports to Europe , now the poor horses are trucked across border miles to Mexico and Canada over many days travel from feedlots and meet same fate in unsuitable cattle lorries . It's a tough one , agree with earlier posts , it must be humane and dignified , the reality is there are not enough homes for all of them from all the outlets racing yards , stud farms surplas etc. The person in charge of hounds generally disposes of the old or injured horses a lot ex jumps horses from the hunt to feed the hounds , the difference is its quick , no travel and in their home area.
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  9. flockofewes2

    Jacinda Ardern

    $,8000,000 is the remuneration Theo Spering got for ONE years work at Fonterra FFS.Left it a basket case.Shows you whats wrong with the world...does it not?
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  11. Repossession, a 2-year-old daughter of War Front and a half sister to two-time champion Tepin, debuts in Keeneland's second race Oct 18. View the full article
  12. hedley


    ...And they should Not consider the result as being complete, until the winning time is given Also
  13. Of course this reflects the effectiveness of the implementation of the Messara initiatives in NSW. Wonder how they will go here? I'm surprised that no-one has asked and RITA (as far as I know) has not reported on progress on this. Is it just a token? Perhaps they should actually sell some of these clubs resources to fund that recommendation. It obviously needs to be a bit more than the trivial 1% of prize money that NSW devoted to it or it needs to be used more efficiently. 16. Introduce robust processes to establish traceability from birth and the re-homing of the entire thoroughbred herd, as the foundation stone of the industry’s ongoing animal welfare program.
  14. I think The rules of racing in NSW prohibit the sale of ex racehorses at unregistered/ unregulated sales, and while not illegal also the destruction of horses in this way at a slaughter house. The article quoted around 4000 a year being slaughtered- the NSW industry regulator - who appears to be not monitoring effectively - is quoting .4 of 1% from memory noting 14000 foal a year are bred in Australia.
  15. eljay

    In my view

    No argument from me there
  16. poundforpound

    Just second hand...

    I’m assured it’s true Check this on Radio NZ
  17. Memphis2

    ~the Everest..

    Will the result be posted on the Opera House?
  18. Trainer Mike Maker, who developed ex-claimers Da Big Hoss, Bigger Picture, and Zulu Alpha into high-class grass stayers, worked his magic yet again in the $150,000 Sycamore Stakes (G3T) Oct. 17 at Keeneland when Marzo pulled off a 14-1 surprise. View the full article
  19. Trump

    Just second hand...

    If true, that’s his classic way of “doing nothing”. All talk.
  20. Mikie

    Losers Get Laid - Week 7 entries

    Mikie is happy, he jumped well with a barrier blanket and is poised behind the pacemakers He has no desire to run the risk of missing the kick next time Plus the Everest will knock about 5 of the remaining 16 out Thank you though Toblerone
  21. Overcheck

    Punters Lounge

    Is anyone having trouble getting any detail with anything that goes through the Punters Lounge? I have just received some computer updates so that may have had an affect, although the rest of the TAB website is working ok.
  22. Repossession (IRE), a 2-year-old daughter of War Front and a half sister to two-time champion Tepin, debuts in Keeneland's second race Oct 18. View the full article
  23. Trump

    Message for Scooby

    Hi Scooby, we may have forgotten to action this? <This is a very kind offer from Trump with his winnings from a couple of weeks ago....Very much appreciated and a very kind and generous offer...... “ I’d like to give the $260 back for a Comp on Caul Cup day. You can can choose what format the Comp is ok? The only catch is, the winner of the Comp and the $260, will have the opportunity to put the $260 for a quinella on the Cox Plate. The winner can place either one or two Quinella’s. “If “ the quinella gets up, the winnings get donated to a “Racing Charity”. You can choose the Charity Scooby. It may be the National Jockey Trust, or whatever. But I’d suggest the Charity is named prior to the Cox Plate being run. Ok? Let me know what your thoughts are. Cheers, Trump> Any thoughts? Might be a bit late for tomorrow?
  24. Berri

    Just second hand...

    Apparently Winston Peters gave an interview this morning where he said that if the racing clubs didn't sign over the rights to the racecourse assets, then he wasn't going to proceed with the Racing Bill?!?!?! Only hearsay but it was on radio this morning....anyone have any suggestions as to how to find that interview?
  25. flockofewes2

    Jacinda Ardern

    After 9 years of neglect and the runaway inflation it stoked,people cannot afford a roof over their heads. Bringing in workers to keep wages low,so profits are high is no help either. Labour is the lesser of 2 evils,still beholdin to big business and the core rot of debt slavery.
  26. pogo(aus)

    Caulfield Cup Field?

    It used to be the Caulfield cup that was the main race on this weekend but now it’s the Everest Tulloch , how now, Ming dynasty, let’s elope etc all replaced by European blow ins that no one can line up , no wonder the Caulfield cup is in the background this weekend. meanwhile in Sydney the sun shines brilliantly on the worlds most beautiful harbour and people all over the great state look forward to eliminating premature geriatrification from Wagga Wagga to royal randwick, go Carlo$. spy vs spy .
  27. tim vince

    In my view

    Why not give a maiden that wins the rating they win off.say 48 and they stay at 48 in the non maiden class.stops them getting too high too quick.
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