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Misinformation re South Island racing !

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I've heard and read complaints that there are no grass track meetings in Canterbury for 7 weeks , during the time that regular meetings ...3 in June , 2 in July.....are held on the synthetic track.

This comment appears to be untrue.

In June there are grass meetings at Timaru and Riccarton , while Ashburton races in July .

In addition between now and the National week starting early August there are grass track meetings planned for Wingatui x 3  and Oamaru x 2.

And before National week there are at least 3 x meetings where most races are worth $30k - $35k.

As to the smaller field sizes racing on the Synthetic , naturally there have been some nervousness and misinformation as to the suitability of the surface for racing.

Once this has been overcome , those willing to race should improve. Even if it doesn't ,wasn't the main reason for them to assist in traning and to ease the burden on winter tracks and limit postponments of trials and racing during inclement weather. Yhey were never intended to 'save' NZ Racing in their first year !

Like my trainers I want to see my horse burning up the grass tracks of Ellerslie ,Randwick and Flemington but sometimes our horse is just too slow for that !And we hate admitting it. !

Good to see 9 x connections pay their training fees for 2 x months today and some excited ones indeed eg MHouse !

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