Dont they check there tyres and wheels?

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Im not expert on harness racing but isnt it due diligence to check your actual tyres and wheels before each race.

How does a tire crap out at the start of a race ?? 

$1.20 shop gets pulled up after 300 metres. Didnt lock wheels or hit another runner.


Honest WTF is going on - TAB will be laughing first leg of their Super surge as well.


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13 hours ago, Iraklis said:

Yeh ay Lee mate, the blasted track just aint wide enough at times 😆


Cheers Iraklis

Makes you wonder what is going on, either the stipes have stepped it up a bit or the drivers are having moments of lost concentration.

Or maybe those conspiracy theory are coming true and the vaccine is affecting peoples brains. 😬😆

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