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Lay Of The Day - 8 Week Comp - Week 4 entry thread - Sat 16 April

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Posting Deadline - the posting deadline is 12.00pm on Saturday - no entries accepted after this time.

For this round the meetings to choose from are as follows - spoilt for choice in NZ this week - well in number of meetings at least:

Te Rapa(M2)
Hastings (M4)

Riverton (M6)
Randwick (M11)
Caulfield (M12)

Two picks - please post horse names, eg.

Te Rapa Race 7: #2 Two Illicit
Randwick Race 7: #12 Cryptogram

No new entrants accepted this week and if those that haven't posted for the past two weeks running, don't show up this week I will eliminate them from the comp - unclutters my spreadsheet a bit :)



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Te Rapa Race 7: #7 Imperatriz
Randwick Race 4: #5  Fireburn (Joker)  - pride comes before a fall Brenton :)

Thanks John & Scooby - probably won't be troubling the scorer after this week.

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14 minutes ago, Davey1 said:

Te Rapa Race 7: #7 Imperatriz (Joker)
Randwick Race 8: #8 Forbidden Love (Joker) 

Hi Davey you can't play both Jokers in one week.  Let me know which one you want - in a new post please.  If you don't reply before the deadline tomorrow I'll take the first one posted (Imperatriz) as your Joker play for this week

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