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Lay Of The Day - 8 Week Comp - Week 1 entry thread - Sat 26 March

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How it works - each Saturday for 8 Saturdays (or maybe 7 Saturdays and a Monday - TBD) you will be required to select two horses, from a list of prescribed meetings, who you believe will get beaten.   This is a risk-reward game - the more favoured the runner, the more points you will earn, however if your selection wins you will lose points and lose a life.

Up to you which races you select - you can even pick two horses in the same race if you wish.  They just have to be races at the prescribed meetings (this will generally be all NZ races and 2-3 Australian meetings).

For week 1 the prescribed meetings are:


Scoring - if your runner does not win you will earn points equal to 100 divided by the Tote win dividend, eg. if the tote dividend was $3.50 you will earn 100/3.5 = 28.57 points.  If your horse wins you will lose 50 points and lose one life 

You will have a total of three lives across the 8 weeks.   If you reach three winners you are eliminated from the comp.

The comp winner will be the person with the most points accumulated across the 8 weeks (from those who survive for the entire 8 week period), or the last person eliminated if nobody makes it through the entire 8 weeks.  Where entrants in contention are eliminated in the same week, they will be split by the points that they have after elimination  (ie. including points lost from your 3rd winner).

Jokers (optional) - over the 8 weeks you will have two Jokers at your disposal - you don't have to use them if you choose not to - again risk & reward.  In any week you can nominate one of your two selections as a Joker play.  You can't play both Jokers in the same week.   Your Joker selection will earn double points, but will also lose double points if your Joker selection wins (-100 points).  Note, you will only lose one life (not two) if a Joker selection wins.

Posting deadline will always be the scheduled start time of the first race on the day.  For week 1 this is 12.20pm on Saturday.

Posting format - having drummed into you for weeks on end the importance of posting numbers instead of names (and you've nailed that), I am now going to ask you for this comp to please post names.  Ok to post numbers, but names will help me and will also make it interesting for people to peruse the selections of others. 

Example of helpful posting format:

Riccarton Race 6: #2 Bully Boy
Rosehill Race 7: #10 She's Ideel


Prize - Scooby is very kindly putting up $500 worth of bets - $350 to the winner and $150 to the runner-up.  One bet (win and/or place) with the winner or runner-up keeping half of any collect and the other half of any collect recycled for future comps.

Scratchings/Abandonments - if any of your horses is scratched or in an abandoned race, you will earn zero points.  You can replace scratchings and abandonments (if timing allows) up until the posting deadline (in a new post please), but not after the deadline.

Dead-heats - if one of your picks dead-heats for first, it will count as a winner and you will lose 50 points and one life.

Late entrants - we will accept new entrants in week 2, but again because the objective is to survive 8 weeks, they will start with -50 points and one life down.  Week 3, -100 points and 2 lives down.  No new entrants from week 4.

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