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It would appear that there was a shortage of jockeys ,presumably due to Covid restrictions. Explains the woeful riding and extensive Stewards report. 

A Schwerin (BREEZON) - Admitted a charge of using the whip in consecutive strides on three separate occasions in the final straight on her mount BREEZON with the Adjudicative Committee imposing a fine of $450. A Schwerin (BREEZON) - Admitted a charge in that she failed to ride her mount out to the end of the race when there was a reasonable chance of BREEZON running third. After considering submissions the Adjudicative Committee suspended A Schwerin’s licence to ride in races from the conclusion of racing on Sunday 14 November up to and including racing on Sunday 28 November, 2 weeks and in addition imposed a fine of $100.

This was a shocker and she got off lightly IMHO as she clearly cost connections and punters 3rd money. 2 weeks would seem next to nothing given how many rides she gets

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"interesting" days racing.

Having to restrict field sizes due to the number of available jockeys is kind of funny. Especially when many of the jockeys were seemingly out of retirement. Some very strange rides indeed, and did every race have a horse which missed the start ?

Quite how the favs came home to that extent is a bit mystifying - it was kind of fun to watch though



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3 hours ago, alan1234 said:

Andrew calders ride on Kate velour was probably one of the worst you would see shame he’s such a good rider too 

Horse moved in front of him, pure bad luck.  The horse wasn't going good enough to win anyhow.

The day was a success and served a purpose.  87 horses in the northern racing finally got a day out where their trainers could attend.


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