Racing at Pukekohe under Level 3

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I thought maybe someone would have offered the names of the jockeys concerned, as races limited to 8 starters each race, which would indicate 8 jockeys affected by the current boundary lockdowns. Who are they?

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There will be enough riders or NZTR will look silly. Theres Lethal and Andrew calder I think. Who is up north. Apprentices can have great riding experience on a big track with only 7 other runners. The senior riders would ride the book and do well I reckon.

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Sam Spratt

Leith Innes

Andrew Calder 

then ...


Masa Hashazume

Rowena Smyth

Alyssa Schwerin 

Ace Lawson-Carroll

Jen Whiteside

Tegan Abel 

Just guessing 

Couldn't access jump out riders from Ellerslie

Why not add Grant Cooksley.... c'mon Cooky

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I am not sure I fully agree with this decision.  We are in the Waikato so now we also have to send horses to the races to be cared by other people which is really hard.  Some horses you would like/ or maybe need to be looked after by yourself or your team!  Not to mention the costs of transport and paying other people to do the work.
But look at the results in the last few weeks.  At Te Aroha yesterday,  4 winners came from that region and 3 the previous week at Tauranga.  They are still able to hold trials at Pukekohe and Ellerslie which we would love to be able to trial our horses on those grass tracks up there!  And also wouldn't we all love to to have a horse to be at a meeting with 8 horse fields!
But I do totally feel for the jockeys up there and if they are not being compensated then they should get this race meetings money!!

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