Three Waters

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On 9/19/2021 at 10:30 AM, ardentbuzz said:

All new zealanders should watch this 

We are in the process of being sold own the River


How i view this issue of Water and governance... is to leave it in the hands of local councils and local iwi.... to centralise control is just the worst decision!!

giving power to a small number of people to dictate who/what/where &when people can manage the watercare systems simply creates unnecessary beauracracy.


theres a ploy at play... regarding the He puapua initiative.  by injecting the water issue into the paper(he puapua), it will face adverse effects, and cause a division on the many aspects of He Puapua.

The He puapua initiative is something alot wont understand... as it ties into the Crown/Commonwealth and who owns what.

therefore... if you knew that the crown&commonwealth is now an illusion, and propped up like a dead corpse, made to look alive.. how would you as a Government now go about regaining some form of control!!??

So is it any suprise what we are seeing with He puapua??

dont believe me??

Listen to the references Senator Rodney Culleton highlights in this video, as it ties into the Troubles taking place in Australia but relates also to NZ in the coming not too distant future re - he puapua.



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There is also a Historic case to be presented to the Supreme Court in the State of NSW in Australia, that is going to put things into perspective and address the hidden hand of Government!!

heres one of the Lawyers working on the case... to be heard late september apparently



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For all matters Water, i post this.,

I have been asked about a company in Timaru called South Pacific Sera. This company is reputed to be manufacturing nano lipids. It’s suspected that this will be put into domestic water and bottled water. Know anything about this?

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