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Did you see this one absolutely spank those maidens last week in the first in the big smoke at Cambridge. 

She reminded me of Armistace Lad breaking his maiden at Cambridge many moons ago. 

Keep an eye on her, she could have the ability of Cheese and Kisses or Chipolati (excuse the spelling if wrong) if they can keep on top of her manners IMHO and pay a good dividend at Alex Park in a few starts time.

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Yes, and paid $3.60 here and I made my Sunday evening very spectacular.  That won't be her last win on that.

No, I don't consider her (not it) a motley horse or 'extremely motley' Jason.  Many of our best trotters over the past decades have only won a handful of races in there first 20-30 starts, I didn't think I needed to point that out.  Look at some of our G1 class trotters in the past, if I need to name a few please advise.  The ability this horse has shown on occasion to date means she could go quite a long way if things fall into place for her and the team.

It would be good if you be a little more positive from time to time.  Horses like this can catch the imagination of new racegoers, particularly for individuals that follow a career from start to finish.

Hope someone on the forum made a dollar :) 


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