What a night of racing at the Meadowlands, shiity stormy weather and all with several records

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Dexter won with Manchego who beat the hot favourite Atlanta in 1:49.4 which is a stakes record and at least the 3rd time Manchego has trotted better than 1:50


Dexter won the Open Mares FFA with JK First Lady in 1:47 and change


And what a clusterfuck the Meadowlands Pace was.

The winner got DQ'ed and may have been screwed by Southwind Gendry who put in rough steps, went back on Charlie May the original winner who then caused interference to Dexter and a few others.  The Ron Burke horse Southwind Gendry was pacing roughly and stopping and went back on Charlie May.

See if any of you guys over there think Southwind Gendry and Gingras stopped on The 9 causing him to break and then cause the chain reaction

The thing about Charlie May was his owner and breeder found that horse's mother in a Kill Pen for horse meat. He purchased her from certain death and then bred her to Mcardle. Apparently that is his 1st ever horse he has owned and he wins the biggest race in USA for 3yo and gets the shaft.  It's hard to tell, IMO the Gingras horse went rough and stopped a little on the original winner who broke.






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Hey Timbo, I agree, actually re watched it a couple of times but it does look as tho the horse the winner (CharlieMay) was followin comes back on him, I reckon that was harsh givin the winner a DQ, I mean he broke, got back into his stride pretty well, and had to work to catch and then challenge and win narrowly....that was a bloody great effort, bit shit he was DQ'd....


Cheers Iraklis

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Interesting one Timbo.  No  doubt Charlie  May went wide because the horse in front was going rough and coming back on him,  In doing so he did cause interference to the ones behind and along side him.  Driver had little choice other than to do what he did.  Wasn't really his fault so it is a bit harsh.

I have tried to get on Horseplop to see what people are saying about  it but doesn't seem to be accessible at the moment., from here anyway

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