Mick G's ref. to Auckland Cup

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Mick G referred on "In The Gig" that the Auckland Cup potentially has no actual set day/night placed in this coming season racing schedule due to the possible movement of the Jewels.  There has been consultation with industry participants and organisations.  

I see that Waitangi Day 2022 falls on Sunday, so the Holiday observation falls on the Monday. Hence you could place it there as a twilight meeting (or thereabouts).  This would be generally fall 3 or 4 weeks after the mooted Jewels (Cambridge) in January.  Mick suggested that the previous March dates don't  work and May is getting too close to Winter to attract patrons. 

What's your thoughts ?

As noted the racing schedule has not been finalised due to the talks with the change of birthdate/season re. age of horses.

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2 hours ago, ivanthegreat said:

It will have to have a new name like the AOTEAROA CUP. 

I will Czech with the Far Now

I used to follow and punt on that "Czech Me Out". 

Anyway Winston will reject that new name and voice it.

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