An interesting question put to the Racing Minister.....

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yesterday (details below). The INCA Investigation has continued to drag on with it looking highly unlikely that the initial media storm on 'race fixing' is looking like a joke with some odd claims made along the way so it wouldn't be a surprise to me if the question asked doesn't have some validity. There is no possible way the police would have conducted a $10 million dollar plus investigation unless they had some serious intel to go on. Word is the Police Commissioner is fuming over the money and time spent resulting at this point in time some small time drug activity that didn't warrant the expense for the result.  

The First World War lasted 4 years and just over 100 days unbelievably INCA is looking  like it might break that time frame. I would be very surprised if the Judge doesn't throw the matter from the Court.



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Very interesting reading Pound for Pound. Grim the Crim should resign. A better result would be sacked. The new chief should remove him from his post, as his performance is the same as his involvement in the Teina Pora case. It appears to me he has Manipulated deceived, and abused his position. Where is the accountability 10 million is a fair amount of stakes money. 200 $50,000 races. When you employ failed policemen that leave the force under a cloud your going to get the same. Who appoints these people and will the new guy be any better. The RIU chase bad debtors, and its not even their job, and the cant manage to run an efficient drug testing program as so many still seem to be on Drugs  

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