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On 4/2/2021 at 8:29 AM, Berri said:

The problem lies in that there doesn't seem to be anything new present in the presentations. Have a look at this. I proposed this first in 2017, then debated it in 2018, then as a result of nothing being done followed up in 2019. The gist of this is that we need to redo then entire backend of the NZTR Information Processing System to allow the next revolution of business to occur. We're sweating on the smaller stuff without addressing the big bang features that we desperately need. Now I'm not pointing the bone of inactivity to any individual person, just maybe questioning the way the team addresses new materially important projects as a collective when engaging with weirdos like me who come along with modern ideas.Micro Syndication missed opportunity.msg

So I posted this last week in respect of the NZTR initiatives. Don't know whether any of you read it but here's something in the ANZ published today. Read the headline and then go to Page 8.

We're second yet again to the Aussies

ANZ_210406-online blockchain.pdf

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On 4/3/2021 at 12:38 PM, scooby3051 said:

Racing: Big changes on the way for racing industry

By: Michael Guerin

The heads of New Zealand thoroughbred racing have drawn a line in the sand and say the time for change is now.

New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing chair Cameron George says implementing change in seven key areas is no longer negotiable and NZTR don't greatly care who is upset by it as long as it is for the greater good of the industry.

NZTR sent a document, obtained by the Herald, to club and kindred bodies late Thursday afternoon outlining not only the areas the industry needs to improve in but most importantly the exact time frames they want change to occur in.

"We are not writing another huge strategic plan and then sitting around talking about how to get it done," George says.

"We have to make changes now and it is our job to lead thoroughbred racing where it needs to go. We want everybody in the code to embrace it.

"We can't maximize the potential of this industry, and therefore its returns, sitting around arguing about everything and different groups' self-interests."

The report gets straight to the point.

"At times you may disagree with our lead, but always remember our role is industry first," says the report signed off by George and NZTR chief executive Bernard Saundry.

"That principle is embedded in every decision we [NZTR] make and what is best for the future is not necessarily that which was best historically.

"This is our opportunity as an industry to make the aspirational changes which will count; the inspiring changes which will see us lift standards and our levels of professionalism.

"We need to be brave, ambitious, creative, forward-looking and, most importantly, supportive and ready for change.

"It is time to stop the talk and take action."

George has the buy-in of the NZTR board and Saundry but he says there will be accountability to ensure change is made, and that means inside NZTR as well as the industry.

While racing administration bodies writing documents is nothing new the aggressive intent from NZTR is impossible to miss and the reports gives dates for when they want to see progress and what they want that progress to look like.

George has already proven himself to be a change agent as chief executive of the Warriors rugby league club.

And the changes at the warriors have been?

You could say that havnt lost at Mount Smart stadium for a long time/

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