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I see they have moved that container skyscraper, looks like it is rotated into the channel but still stuck!! Obviously waiting now for Arctic polar ice melt and catastrophic sea level rise to get the sucker moving again. The arrogance of Man. Sea levels 20metres higher 3 million years ago with no humans producing CO2 from fossil fuel consumption. Go figure. Wake up people, you are being fed a pack of lies by the marxist cohort.

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Mmmm .... Interesting

There are no concidences?

Evergreen was the secret service name for Hillary.

The ships callsign was H3RC    =      Hillary Rodham Clinton

It was being towed by a tugboat named Baraka

The US Navy is being called in....what might they find in the containers?

Stay tuned...the world is watching

Have to see what happens ....if anything at all



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