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Starting to get to the nitty gritty part. Quite boring to start with but yesty really was riveting. Actually had s pass in first race then the second race was bizarre. Never seen anything like that. Tough for Team NZ then really tough for Luna Rossa. 

Sitting here waiting for race 9 which has been delayed. 

Go Aotearoa 

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Clinical sailing the past two days Memphis.....there were 40,000 people in the harbour area yesterday to cheer on then clap the winners.

Don't forget the key man for Luna Rossa and seen as the greatest threat is an Australian so another glorius triumph in the Trans-Tasman rivallry.

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Bit boring the first three days Gary but the last 3 days were massive.

What a great aftermath as well.Presentation was fantastic atmosphere and all.I bet Leo was enjoying the whole thing in his bar.Especialytgetting that extra day.

The whole thing reminded me of the RWC2011.

Yes not quite like beating Ozi.Spithill must have sent a lot of time here as he is all class.Not many of them around.

Great respect between the two teams.Doesn;t always seem to happen between tran tasman teams.


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