Ashhurst Pohangina Cup weights

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Why should Hurry Cane be lumbered with 62 kg as a rating 89 in an open handicap ? There’s a rating 55 in the race obviously way out of its grade It has the option to race in its own grade so why are the weights done from the bottom up?

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The weights are not done bottom up at all. If they were, Hurry Cane would carry 73kg (Hypatia being a R55 mare*, placing the effective bottom benchmark at 51, HC is 38 points above that, 0.5 for each point is 19 and then add to 54). Indeed, if you looked for more than half a second, you might have spotted the other three horses with higher ratings in that race carded 54kg as well which would not happen if the handicap was bottom up. If you wanted to look for maybe 10 seconds, you would find that every topweight in a non-black type open handicap for the last ~4 months has carried at least 62kg.

Say what you want about the overall system, good or (more likely) bad, but this is not an extreme or unusual example.

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