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15 hours ago, tasman man said:

A bit rough Scooby mentioned earlier I think it goo of him to spend the time and answer questions put by an 'informal' social media group of nameless peoples !

What a mess and job he inherited ...basically an insolvent business operating in a very uncertain environment.

As he states his main purpose /responsibility is to maximise profits for NZ Racing and judging by the Monthly profit reports he seems to be at least improving on recent years...improving margins and reducing costs.

Kudos to the man for fronting up on here .

In the past , roadshows/presentations which these bosses put on are often quite poorly attended...Ive shown up to a few ,and the most recent one in North by Bernard Saundry was actually cancelled through lack of interest/attendees.

But we will hammer them anonymously online but not show up in person.

Like one of my Clubs I in....driven into the ground ,to the brink , by sheer gross incompetence.......oh how members moan and groan among ourselves but at Club meetings we quiet as lambs and the same folk almost reelected with standing ovation....almost !

Associated groups of owners ,trainers, punters whatever should be using their collective nous to get answers, push for changes etc but thats one can agree on plans or in someone like Messara......independent......we agree with a lot of his stuff but not if it affects our little interest groups/personal interest.

To suumarise......very unfair to compare the 'new temporary guy' to John Allen . He knew nothing about the Industry and was bullied/swept along by various factions with personal interests !

You lead post of the year by the proverbial mile at this stage.

Moaners will always moan 

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17 hours ago, LightsOut said:

Your going bad when your making John Allen's performance as CEO look good. 

Shit you  post rubbish. 

 One lost millions and the other is making millions. But don't let facts get in the way of your  now regular fictitious  posts

Could you try and break your duck with just 1" positive post" about racing in NZ.

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