When will they learn?

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It's 2020. The TAB has been operating in our current technology environment for long enough. I'm asked by a mate who wins the Cup. Got no idea was my response so googled Melbourne Cup. I click on the first one in the list. The TAB comes up so I think to myself, well at least it's the NZ TAB's site. And guess what...this is what I get



So what idiot in the TAB doesn't link google to the actual Melbourne Cup field? Tell me where you can see a direct link to where the Melbourne Cup field might be? Yes you could say that you push the Bet Now button, but what if I don't want to have a bet and just want to see what's in the field? 

Who ever is in charge of this one is a moron. It's the biggest day of racing for the non racing people and this exists?!!!?!!!    101 in online marketing I would have thought

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Berri, you're very harsh there.

The TAB's link is to a page that, quelle surprise, gives you all the information on all all of the runners.

Just what you would want to see, no?, if you were a keen student of form?

Your gripe seems to imply that you were going to 'tip' your mate a nag based solely on its name...

And you are aware, right?, that clicking on a Bet Now link doesn't actually obligate you to have a bet. You can, gasp, peruse all the info for free ... and then quit the site!


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My gripe is that most days these days on the NZ TAB, there is some sort of promotion.. zero today, that one day of the year where people who know little about horseracing may try it for the first time.. could've had something simple to advertise like a Racing bonus back promo.

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Well Berri ,

There is a PRECEDENCE here...plenty !

I awoke this Melbourne Cup morning wondering what would stir Berri into print.

I think last year it was the lack of choice of Moet at Ellerslie races .

The past days as I dialled into the TAB site ,every time the Melbourne Cup field came up with names and a click way from history and comment.

And I just wanted to bet on a maiden race at Kaikoura Harness.

Then there was the Sunday paper lift out ,the Tuesday paper lift out the TV 1 news with the Prime Minister drawing her horse.

And one can't even walk around the Viaduct without tripping over a temporary TAB.

Every where one goes/looks ,we are being drawn into a bet on largely unknown European horses....sure to be a record day for NZ TAB , if the network stands up.

Relax , the day obviously stirs you up....BREW yourself a cuppa.....its been 20 years !



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Tasman man11, I trust your lovingly-selected nag in that Kaikoura Harness race came in for you.

A strange Melbourne Cup, this one.

You can usually count on:

  • Crowds
  • Fashions In The Field
  • An NZ TAB downtime or three
  • My nag choosing not to run in the 1-2-3...

The first three ain't gonna happen this time around (I shall miss the FitF NOT) ... and experience has told me not to place too many hopes on the fourth not joining 'em!

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54 minutes ago, MS26 said:


They having a laugh with the Top 10 market?? What kind of prices are those?? I put in Neds for comparison (sorry, couldn't fit them all on screen).

They are having a laugh - because most people are relatively risk averse and they can get away with a higher percentage market than usual

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