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39 minutes ago, gubellini said:

Thank goodness common sense has prevailed. Chris has nine rides at Ashburton tomorrow.

And is anyone going to interview RIU and NZ Thoroughbred Racing how they thought their actions were good for racing ?

Another example the pen pushers have no idea about the sport and the harm they are doing.

I note two charges and penalties thrown out in the other 2 codes reported in JCA last couple of days so that is a treble.

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On 10/22/2020 at 10:52 AM, TurnyTom said:

Incredible, updates thru the media and not NZTR or RIU. 

No wonder NZ racing is stuffed, can't even get the very basics half right

You are the president, secretary and Treasury of the CWJ fan club ...slightly bias 😆

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Stay close to the TV and watch history being created 

Pure magic from the Champ. 

If your pension allows CWJ has 2 winning rides today, so suggest you join the train of success and have a bet and celebrate NZ's premier sportsman. Gotta be short odds to win NZ Halberg Sportsman of the year. No brainer really 


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