The Everest

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19 minutes ago, newbie85 said:

The best field for a sprint race this year in Australia and the TAB form person writes this sh*t

TREKKING - down in class

CLASSIQUE LEGEND - class drop helps

BEHEMOTH - drop in grade

BIVOUAC - easier here

GYTRASH - back in easier grade

Who will find this easier ???

I think they have been baffled because the race is outside black type so in theory if looked at quickly or by some computer it would be a lessor grade , bit like Karaka Million .I suppose technically it is lower grade but of course it's not lower grade .No one would write those comments if they had any sense .

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It's a big mistake, someone should be culpable. Its false advertising, the comments don't align with the horses in the race, its misleading. 

How does this happen for one of the most important races of the day? If it happens for the Melbourne cup and sweepstakes across the country get printed with errors, it's going to spell big trouble.

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As Red Rum correctly points out above, the comments are done by computer which notices that some horses are coming back from Group company to a race that isn't a Group race, so therefore in the computer's opinion the Everest must be an easier race than most horses have been racing in. All too silly for words really.

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