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Maybe its here for some training.


Bronski Beat underwent a post-race veterinary examination - no apparent injury was reported.

Stewards spoke to Mr Brendan Pursell, the trainer of Bronski Beat after he declined a re-vet, regarding the greyhounds racing manners approaching the first turn. Acting under the provisions of GAR 69(A)(1) Bronski Beat was charged with failing to pursue the lure with due commitment. Mr Pursell pleaded guilty to the charge, Bronski Beat is suspended for 28 days at Sandown and must perform a Satisfactory Trial (all tracks), pursuant to GAR 69(A)(2)(a) before any future nomination will be accepted.

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16 hours ago, Seddon said:

Gee just watched replay and as soon as it went past leader it backed off till the other went past it. How is there no mention in stripes report. They must be able to see that themselves and if not they should be replaced 

Yeah we should replace them by going to the stripes tree. Because we all know stripes grow on trees and there are plenty to choose from! 

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I just cant believe this dog was allowed to start in the final last night after last weeks semi final performance

Animal activists would have a field day watching that debarcle two weeks in a row

What did they expect to happen 7 days later,  was a $1.01 for it to happen again

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