Auckland Harbour Bridge

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Honest to goodness, there's been much stronger winds in New Zealand than there's been today.


It's to be remembered, Such strong Wind is like a Fart in a Fan Factory, here one minute and disappeared soon after.

Get into the real world you greedy vultures who are pushing for a new bridge.

We have more than enough road structures in Auckland, New Zealand without more tarseal Jungle.

There's bridges in New Zealand that have well lasted the distance that have withstood floods, sea waves now known as tsunamis and equally strong winds built of materials that we should be reflecting on where Society has screwed up.

Get rid of the heavy trucks and educate people to think before they buy a vehicle if they really need it, or is it just for show before wasting millions of public funds on over paid Engineers & those with their snouts in the trough. 





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meomy - surely you can work this out.

New Zealand governed by left wing - Covid - control freak

Auckland governed by left wing - damaged bridge/breezes - control freak


And the first ad on radio this morning - save water Auckland in a crisis.     Control freaks

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