Exciting times for harness

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A couple of Aussie legends have been appointed to sort the shit out for you.

The first is a household name and he’ll be implementing the Burgess report 

The second is not quite so well known but like one of Santa’s accessories he comes with a big reputation.
I know most of the people that matter read Cafe so let me make a suggestion.

At least three members of the RIU have to go, and arguably four 

Grimstone, Godber, Irving and possibly Cruikshank should all be given what they deserve, and Ydgren, Macintyre and Lamb need to be dealt with and re-educated too.

My suggestion, start disruptive action.

No strikes, but just agree to delay strategic races by 15 minutes whenever anyone of those mentioned officiates, or behaves like a dirty low xxxx

Just don’t come out of the drivers room 

You’ll only need to do it at a few meetings and the RITA board, and the Minister For Racing will step in and do the right thing .

This is your industry, you need to own it and get rid of the cancer of delusional ex Policemen and their weak gutless mates who’re destroying the code 

FYI I’ve discussed this tactic with many influential administrators and they all agree it can’t fail.....so let’s get started 





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It was compensation on a grand scale for Lamb, who qualified Play On for the Grand Final at Addington two years ago, when he was only five, but had to scratch him on the morning of the race.

"The best he'd run was a fourth.  He then got a cold.  The series got to him," said the country policeman.


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