a major court case decision ...

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11 hours ago, von Smallhaussen said:

Pee4 - I am like Mr. Notts, we can't get past Mr. Plod and Sergeant Stedanko at the border. Will the aftermatch be televised?


couldnt you hide in the boot of someone with an exemption?Better still, how come this major evennt i the History of NZ Law is unable to be postponed util it can get the attention P4P  it deserves. Appalling that the TV cameras will be pointing down souf on this momentous day!

Come on, P4P, haven't you been able to come up with some Covid-related excuse to justify a deferral of Judgment Day?

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To be honest I thought tomorrow was perfect, with the bloke in CHCH getting his just desserts .... and Covid level 3 here meaning the media had to social distance and I could wear a mask .... but alas there’s been a bit of a setback, some factually incorrect evidence by our friends that has to be sorted, amongst other things... and the matter has been iced for quite some time ....such is life ... I’m not in a hurry 

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