Global Governance by 'big-business' and elite 'familyships'

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..there's to be no one world government, some massive roundtable of democracy envisaged by journalists depicting the notion that they so-call "conspiracy theorists"..must have As the notion., ..afterAll!, these journalists all think they're 'someone'..and that only documented facts must be used to do research with. [tosser cowards., leeches of 'the troughs'].

..there's been and is..a clandestine gradual conspiracy of unison....by the corporate world...who Are and are used as the 'new communists'. . .having globally used their 'bought in Pocket'...politicians, to 'resonate' off the legislatures they've 'volleyed-Up':mad::e:__:rolleyes:

..the activities of Kissenger Associates Incorporated., need be researched...and That Ain't been easy., for their wanton activities...as a simply MASSIVE 'syndicate' really.

...money systems were 'set to fail' and a privilege for the world's trading banks....getting 'gifted' roughly half each country's G.N.P. to then be essentially, hired out as real money!

...yes folk, the dirty filthy rip off Usary system...where capitolism ensures the great cracks as wedges....between and of th'classes' as it were.

We've had a practice mealt-dowwn last Spring...but you've all learnt nothing...because you didn'y 'nkow' anything Anyway., so you've all followed the double-agent news media...to ensure yourselves 'all is sweet'.

...i'm watching Gallops at CAMBRIDGE...and this'll do..to a thread i'm going to colour in.

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..and quite correctly, you've 'stepped forth' with responsible communion for urgent consideration.

..at another 'station' recently...on a calculated thread hoisted to inform..and rightly so, "alarm"...i posted a warning to the general status-quo 'interface'...that they'd better start informing themselves...and Not sign into these "treaties"...where entry participents 'entreat'.:mad:

..i made two 'quitely moves' thereafter..as a 'shoulder-tap' nudge to personal And their political integrities as consciences . . .and Now we have a bit of 'late Action' finally. [of course my 'requirey' was no catalyst for what these latest gentlemen are saying;)]

http://www.North Canterbury.co.nz/forum/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=10746&p=110410#p103837

the above link delivers you to the 4th tier of the threadpost..and my warning is at the foot of.."a teetering congressional crossroad 26/6/o9"

..and Lindsay's link


..and the fine 'open letter of reasoning'..with it's associated Copenhagen link, . .another communion morsel thanks Lyndsay:cocktail:

Lindsay Joyce

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Originally Posted by Lindsay Joyce


this concerns ALL of us- listen and pass it on- I have


Hi Everyone,

A concerned friend sent this information to us with a MUST LISTEN TO order.. After listening to the fifteen minute recording of Alan Jones of radio fame interviewing and talking with a very learned and much titled British Parliamentarian who was advisor to Margaret Thatcher we believe we have a lot to be worried about. This gentleman is advising people from all Countries not to allow their Prime Ministers to sign this Global Warming agreement coming up at the Copenhagen World Conference in December. He claims that once Countries commit to this they can't get out of it and worse still it is being used as a stepping stone into forming a One World Government which will control what happens in all Countries involved which includes affluent Western Countries giving money to the third world countries because they supposedly contribute less to Co2 emissions and mire that will effect us personally.

It sounds to us like a very communistic approach and one we wouldn't want to see at all costs.

Click on the link TOP (in quote) and spend just fifteen minuites (approx) listening to this and maybe you would like to share it with your friends and family as well.

take care

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Some of the things you base your allegations on hedley are accurate but that doesn't guarantee you'll get it all right in the end.

Yes Kissinger showed he had problems when the Bush Administration tried to appoint him to a top job and he was required to disclose some of his clients under American law. Lawrence Eagleburger when appointed deputy secretary of State for Bush had to do likewise and his list revealed some links with Kissinger Ass. However Kissinger declined his appointment in the end citing conflict of interest rather than reveal the info required.

Likewise your observations on international capitalism, usury, the corruption of 'bought politicians', the boom and bust cycles of the current system etc are correct but you are miles off the mark associating the modern corporate world as "new communists". You confuse communism which is an ideology with totalitarianism which is a practice as is corporatism. Any regime of any ideology can be authoritarian and totalitarian.

All the factors you list have not come together in one major conspiracy. Some elements have conspired with like minded groups at times for certain short term goals and there has been an overall negative effect from many of them often aided and abetted by poor system watch dogs and journalists and the media not doing their jobs properly if at all. But that is not a conspiracy or active cooperation of all those disparate and diametrically opposed elements you cite.

Enjoy your gallops at Cambridge, I will enjoy them on trackside too, as well as Auckland greyhounds - mind you there are plenty of people in racing with some very interesting conspiracy theories about the racing game.

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Hedley , global governance will prove impossible to achieve so sleep easy . The Romans were the first to control the established world but it didn't last , today we have technology that should help make it possible but it won't happen , today in Davos one of the topics being debated , IS GLOBALIZATION DEAD so plenty of uncertainty even from those hoping for control . The Europeans are openly talking about it . Energy crisis , inflation , supply problems , a developing food crisis which will destabilize governments , many governments will have trouble controlling their own citizens never mind ruling the world and then the war in Ukraine . Russia , China , India , and a few lessors add up to 50% of the world population , good luck with controlling that . Country's are more likely  to  focus on supply security , product independence which means free trade will be in reverse . Don't panic Hedley the one government/Globalization ambition is dying if not already dead .

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