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Just reading and listening to some evidence from an RIU ( self confessed ) expert, eight wins over ten years makes you an RIU expert, 😂😂 whereby this person claims you gypsies steer your horses by slapping them on the reverse side with the reins ... I’ve driven a few myself and loitered with gypsies my whole life but I’ve never heard that before 

Is it true ?
As in if you want to shift out a place do you really slap them with the inside rein ? 

This worries me if it’s not true ( as I suspect ) because Inca is punctuated with false and misleading claims from the RIU and Police and I’d hate to think they were fabricating evidence again, or worse still just making it up because they’re ignorant 

The Police I can understand because they’re usually uneducated and have no racing experience, except Neville Jenkins but he did nothing as a licensee, and they get advice from the RIU investigating team who are staggeringly ignorant of racing matters, particularly banter 

Anyway I’m keen to learn because the mainstream media are following and developing this story and asking me questions  so any expert thoughts would be appreciated 

Not you TDO... we don’t need to hear from you .... oh that’s right, you can’t contribute now can you because you’re in the naughty corner 😂😂


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I have trained horses for 30 years and in fast work I would never steer a horse to the left or right by slapping them with a rein on the opposite side. You need to apply pressure on the bit by pulling the rein on the side you wish to turn towards. I was never a great driver but I have driven in quite a few races and I can assure you the same principle would apply, place pressure on the bit by pulling the rein towards the direction you wish to turn. I have never seen a driver try to steer a horse in the manner you descibe


The exact same principle would apply in riding gallopers

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What constitutes one as an expert? An expert, more generally, is a person with extensive knowledge or ability based on research, experience, or occupation and in a particular area of study.  So your 100% correct driving 8 wins over 10 years would hardly define one as an expert in that field. On official statistics it would be very easy to discredit one as an expert in the field of harness horse driving if it was a poor percentage winning record wise which then disputes ability wise for that person to be labelled an as expert. But based on research one can become an expert without having had personal experience in that area. Self confessed as an expert in any field I doubt would be recognised by any Court of Law without first providing verified information to back up such a claim. No Court would recognise someones claim as an expert soley based on a claim to substantiate it by providing a 8 wins over a 10 year period as proof.

If the claim has been documented in evidence 'harness drivers  steer their horses by slapping them on the reverse side with the reins' has in fact been made I would contact 2 or 3 of NZ's present or past top drivers and maybe also 1 or 2 in Australia and seek their response to this claim. Having been at the top of their occupation the Court would accept their determination and if they which I am sure would dispute the claim made then it would bring into account how can this person be considered as a reliable witness soley based on his or her own self confessed expert ability wise to be able to make such claims and for it be used as part evidence.  

I have driven harness horses only in work so experience and occupation wise am in no way an expert but knowledge wise I know reins are used to communicate through the bit to make the horse aware of the direction you want it to take, slowdown and to stop. Slapping the reins will  generally make a horse go faster which drivers in some parts of Europe tend to do as whips are banned but slapping used to make a horse go the opposite side to the side that it's getting slapped on is laughable. Yes you could train a horse to do that no doubt but there is no point unless your using the horse in a circus act. Possibly a horse trainer could train a horse to race to that type of command but why would you that's what the bit and reins are duly used for? Bizarre claim.    

Like I said above I am no expert on harness driving but common sense tells you steering a horse to go left when slapping it on the right doesn't happen in racing. View 100 past races and see how many times you will see that happen be zero,zilch,nothing, never. 

Although I might have seen that occur in the fantasy movie 'A Never Ending Story'. Yes it could possibly work with dragons with racehorse no.

NeverEnding Story' is returning to the big screen

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I haven't driven, and don't at all profess to be an expert but in my 30 years of horse riding in a number of disciplines the only times I have seen this and indeed used this, was to get a horse to go faster, in the absence of a whip. Not once has it generated any lateral movement, in my experience. As mentioned above, a horse could be trained over time to respond as you wanted to a certain movement but that seems extremely unlikely when a small and barely visible rein movement could achieve the same result.

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